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This course offers students the essential knowledge and skills to develop emotional wellness, including identifying, taking ownership and expressing feelings; understanding and articulating one’s personal emotional challenges, including unresolved issues from early life; identifying needs; and understanding the nature of emotions.  Participants will learn techniques for self-awareness and emotional regulation.

This course provides students with the opportunity to study the cultivation of spiritual wellbeing by engaging with diverse spiritual perspectives and practices. Students will examine and articulate their own beliefs and world-views, while developing the ability to understand and honour the world-views of others. This course is an experiential exploration of spiritual wellness that equips students with the essential knowledge and skills to support the spiritual growth and development of others.

The Physical Wellness program is designed to help students discover the inter-relationship between mental, emotional and physical wellness.  Taking a holistic approach, students will discover the link between physical sensations, cognitive belief systems and emotional states.  They will develop tools to facilitate positive change in their personal lives and professional roles. 

This course will teach participants how to apply four different therapy approaches to counselling and coaching settings to enhance mental wellness. Using an experiential approach, students will be employ strategies from each of these therapies to develop their own mental wellness, while cultivating skills to support others. The four therapies that will be explored include Cognitive Behavioural, Dialectical Behaviour, Narrative Therapy and Non-Violent Communication.